Monday, December 10, 2007

winter begins

photo by willie davis

Well, with the thermometer at a toasty 77 degrees- it doesn't exactly feel like December [at least to the Yankees among us] but we at the Stone House have prepared ourselves for the colder months anyhow.

At the end of November, a bunch of friends- new and old- came by to help out with our volunteer work weekend. We had a blast time painting cabins, caulking windows, clearing forest brush and gathering firewood -among other tasks- all the while, keeping warm, eating good food and having fun. For those of you who missed out- Don't Worry!- we'll be having monthly work weekends beginning next season.

Then, just a couple weeks ago, North Carolina Public Allies held a day-long retreat at the Stone House. Public Allies is an awesome program designed to help strengthen communities, nonprofits and civic participation by advancing new leadership. By all accounts, they had a great time and were able to settle right into the space and make it their home for the day. Margie had fun leading them through a morning workshop that had them talking, walking, reflecting and doing some art!

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NonProfitCivilian said...

hey thats me - a public ally - rumbley. Love to be more involved with stone house/circles in the furture. As well as the HeirsProject.