Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Deep Change Gathering Slideshow from stone circles at The Stone House on Vimeo.

The Deep Change Gathering in June of '09 brought together social justice leaders from across the country who are bringing transformative practices into their work for change.

Sponsored by the Seasons Fund for Social Transformation and created by the Movement Strategy Center, stone circles, and the Rockwood Leadership Institute, the gathering gave practitioners an opportunity to learn, explore, and connect around new strategies for transforming ourselves and our world.

These images were taken by Willie Davis and the musical accompaniment is from Baby Cowboy- a local up-and-coming Asheville, NC based band.

Willie Davis-

Baby Cowboy-

Sasquash! from jesse maceo vega-frey on Vimeo.

Created by the youth from the 2009 Ground UP! program at The Stone House- "Sasquash: what happens when good squash goes bad" brings home the dangers of pesticide on innocent farmers, consumers and bystanders!

Slammin Jammin 'Matahs from jesse maceo vega-frey on Vimeo.

Another production from the Ground Up! youth program at The Stone House, "Slammin Jammin' 'Matahs" walks us through the pleasures of growing, cooking and eating your own food.

Ground Up!

by Tahz Walker

Within the long hot days,
And the cool
Dips into night

Sanctified and naïve brush strokes
And the remembrance of summer

In its wildness and wonder

In the saltiness of work with the earth
And laughter at the shared hands
And shared sweat

Fly' s that light our way as the sun sinks

Squawks as the star rises

Meeting I meet you in a mid day slumber

Big sky opening big arms
For circles connecting

As we live with the summers past
And await their return

Last week at the Stone House we hosted 7 youth from the Durham Inner City Gardeners (DIG) for a weeklong intensive program about food, food systems, identity and expression called Ground Up! The Ground Up! program consisted of practical farm trainings, healthy cooking, workshops about mass media and food systems, music and photography journaling.

Ground Up! is a leadership and community building program whose intention is to not only provide practical farm skills for youth interested in food and agriculture but to also provide support to youth interested in building relationships and creating change within the food system.

During the week youth had opportunities to play, cook and create fellowship with each other around questions like: How far does food travel and where does it come from? Does media play a role in how we are shaped as consumers? And, how do celebration, ceremony and intention play a part in how we interact with the food we cook and eat?

We had an amazing time together and look forward to bringing the program back next summer!