Monday, October 27, 2008

our first anniversary celebration!!

We had an awesome celebration, starting off with good (comfort) food - chili, mac and cheese, chicken pot pie and good greens from the garden.

Cynthia and John reuniting to share some Stone House love...

Tamara dove into the "Poet Tree" project devised by Evangeline...the poems, written in picture frames, will hang from a tree on the land.

Zulayka donned her stilts and (backed by Tahz, Jesse and Claudia on drums) led a procession back to the pavilion where we called the four directions.

Everyone was given offerings from the land (prepared by Margie and Mike) - people took home apples, cedar bundles, stones and goldenrod.

People wrote blessings for The Stone House and tied them up with our newly-harvested corn.