Monday, March 19, 2007

A community kitchen

The community kitchen feeds 35-40 people. It is a beautiful, sunny inviting space, likely to be a heart of The Stone House.

The good, green earth

The land at The Stone House will help to ground those who come and the work we do together. In addition to hard woods, there is about 45 acres of undeveloped pasture. We plan to use at least some portion of this for organic farming; we're also investigating various conservation options. There's also a cultivated vegetable garden and a small orchard with appl, fig, peach, and pear trees, and a 2-acre pond for swimming.

A place for spiritual life and strategic action

The land has six cabins like this one, for folks on retreat, program participants, or staff. They are all passive solar and hand-crafted by Bo Lozoff and friends from the Human Kindness Foundation. HKF does amazing work with prisoners around the country and they have been living and working in this place for over 15 years.

And this is the main meditation/practice space.

It holds 30-40 people comfortably.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Welcome to The Stone House

The sky above from Mebane, North Carolina...

Here is where we at stone circles and many of our friends will be creating The Stone House: A Center for Spiritual Life and Strategic Action. This blog will keep folks posted on our progress and our journey. To find out more about stone circles and our work to sustain activists and strengthen the work for social justice, please check out our website.